Step 2

Automatically assess your students

When students sign-in, they will automatically be asked to do a TeeRead assessment

  • Your student receives an alert

    Tori, the koala, asks your students to go on an adventure together

  • She reads a story out loud

    A fun and engaging story is shown to the student to read out loud

  • And answers comprehension questions

    We assess their reading comprehension through Common Core aligned questions

Step 3

Make personalized reading intervention a reality in your class or at home!

With our decoding inventory assessment, we can identify which sounds your students’ are struggling with and create a personalized 5-minute reading intervention routine to practice on them!

  • Decoding assessment

    Your students read a series of words aloud to help us place each student at their reading level.

  • Lesson

    Every routine begins with a short lesson on the type of sounds students will be focusing on.

  • Phonemic Awareness drill

    Your students read a series of words that share the same sound structure to manipulate the sound.

  • Visual drill

    Your students read a series of words.

  • Auditory drill

    Your students listen to a series of words and have to put them together.

  • Connected text practice

    Your students read sentences that combine everything they learned during the routine.

Step 4

See your students’ reports

You can follow your students’ reading progress through easy-to-digest and actionable reports

  • Follow your class’ overall status​

    On your homepage, you can see the key stats for your classroom

  • Go into each student’s profile​

    In a student’s profile, you can see their progress and enter specific reports

  • Reports with actionable metrics​

    Reports show key comprehension and fluency metrics, as well as miscues and trouble words

  • Confirm or edit a student’s assessment​

    You can see the passage, listen to the student’s assessment, and edit miscues if you don’t agree with them

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Step 5

Give access to a personalized library

Your students get access to a library of books that automatically updates according to their reading progress

  • Engaging and high-quality books that grow with them
  • Students can share the books with their classmates ​
  • Reward system put in place to foster the love of reading
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Step 6

Group your students and assign homework​

Group your students according to different metrics and assign reading practice or more TeeRead assessments!

  • Group your students ​

    Group your students according to metrics such as WPM, WCPM, etc​

  • Follow each group’s progress

    You’ll get access to reports per group as well

  • Assign reading practice​

    Assign books individually, per group, or to the entire class. Start your own book club!

  • Assign additional TeeRead assessments​

    If you see fit, you can assign additional TeeRead assessments individually, per group or to the entire class​

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